Our Services for Your Success

CISWORKS is focused on the development of innovative and professional software solutions. From requirements definition to implementation and acceptance testing, CISWORKS develops powerful software according to customer requirements. Our software is currently used in a variety of areas, including the aerospace, automotive and transportation industries.

The company's focus is on the development of embedded software, software for machine automation, and software compliant with the RTCA DO-178B aerospace standard. This includes all stages of development: creation of software standard and design documents, specification and development of control algorithms, and implementation.

Creation and execution of test cases and procedures are also found in our spectrum of services. As an example, we develop controller simulation models and implement these models on hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulation platforms. We also provide software for performance, endurance and end-of-line test benches.

LabVIEW Programming

Implementation of LabVIEW projects in various industries (automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, etc.)
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LabVIEW FPGA Programming

Implementation of LabVIEW projects on FPGA Cards and cRIO Systems from National Instruments.
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NI VeriStand

CISWORKS uses the real-time simulation platform NI VeriStand for HIL systems and test benches.
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Realtime Simulation, HIL-Systems

Definition and implementation of hardware-in-the-loop systems.
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Test Benches

Development of test bench control systems and delivery of complete turnkey test beds according to your specifications.
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Development of electronic components

These include controllers, embedded systems and also FPGAs. The connection of communication interfaces and support in the design as well as the circuit diagram development.
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Development of control loop algorithms

CISWORKS provides a complete control unit for test rigs based on hardware components from National Instruments.
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Embedded Software

Implementation of embedded software and delivery of complete software packages..
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Softwaretest und Code-Review

CISWORKS is happy to help you improve the quality of your software.
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Our Products at a Glance


4 Module slots allow for cost-effective and rapid development Specific signal conditioning on custom hardware modules can fulfill multiple application requirements NI Linux Real-Time: powerful RTOS with the flexibility of Linux.
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Produkt_ vipe
The CISWORKS-ViPE Editor is an abstraction layer for NI VeriStand real-time sequences. It enables users without deep programming knowledge to create real-time sequences through a graphical representation of a sequence’s standard programming syntax.
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The CISWORKS UHS-3001 universal HIL simulator is optimized for size and cost It offers maximum flexibility through its modular structure and jumper-based signal routing If desired, it can be equipped with corresponding software, also developed by CISWORKS.
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The CISWORKS M-815 is a cRIO module for detecting ambient conditions: ambient temperature, ambient pressure, humidity, vibration and position.
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The CISWORKS M-816 is a cRIO module for detecting ambient conditions: ambient temperature, ambient pressure, humidity, vibration and position. Furthermore, the M-816 has an OLED button.
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CISWORKS Custom Device

Ethercat Custom Device

The CISWORKS Ethercat Custom Device is used to collect data in Ni VeriStand.

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Measurement Custom Device

Custom Device_Messungs1
The CISWORKS Measurement Custom Device is used to connect Ethercat slaves to NI VeriStand.

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Filestimuli Custom Device

Custom Device_Filestimuli1
The CISWORKS Ethercat Custom Device is used to play measurement data files in Ni VeriStand.

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Custom Device_PID_Controller1
The CISWORKS PID Controller Custom Device is used to control physical systems (pressures, temperatures, position, speed, etc.).

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